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Irakli Charkviani

Irakli Charkviani was a Georgian poet, prose writer, and musician, lately known under his pseudonym Mepe ("The King"). Charkviani was known for his eccentric image and poetry, and for eclectic music, which spanned alternative rock, electronic music and hip hop.

Charkviani was born into an élite family in Tbilisi, the capital of then-Soviet Georgia. He graduated from the Department of Western European and American Literature, Tbilisi State University.

In the 1980s, several of Charkviani's lyrics and short stories, noted for their rebellious character, were published in Georgian literary press. Early in the 1990s, Charkviani emerged as one of the leading artists on Georgia's alternative and electronic scene. He performed throughout Georgia as well as abroad, particularly in Moscow and Eastern Europe. Charkviani also authored several poems, stories and a single novel A Calm Swim.

A Calm Swim

Size: 137x198 mm
Number of pages: 180
Paperback "Siesta"
(...Thus Spoke a King)
What do they have in common — a young Afghan suicide bomber called Rumi and a Georgian underground idol, Irakli Charkviani. The latter is the author of the semiautobiographical novel and Rumi is his alter-ego. They both co-exist in this book describing real and imaginary lives entangled.
Irakli Charkviani's daring narrative covers the real lives of himself and his friends in Perestroika and Post Soviet period Georgia. He tells the story of a truly lost generation of talented young people in 1980-90-ies. The novel in its unusual structure unfolds the emotional life of an imaginary reincarnation of legendary Persian poet, Rumi who has turned into a suicide bomber sitting in an airplane. The moment before he presses the button and kills over 200 passengers of the plain is halted to eternity.
A Calm Swim was meant to be the first part of a trilogy unrealized due to his death.
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