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Tsotne Chikovani

B i o g r a p h y

1967 - born in Tbilisi
1984 - secondary school #53
1984 - entered Tbilisi State University, language and literature department
1989 - graduated Tbilisi State University
Work Experience: "Erisioni" newspaper; "Mnate" publishing house; Tbilisi Technical University
From 1995 to date – "Ninotsminda Oil Company"
1995 – issued "Tetri Limoni" (White Lemon) journal, in which writings of Aka Morchiladze, Gaga Nakhutsrishvili and other his friends were published along with his own writings
This journal was followed by two more editions, "Shavi Limoni (Black Lemon) in 1999 and "Ukanaskneli Linomi" (the last lemon) in 2001
2003 – his book "Elephant-Taxi" children's verse was published
2004 – his first book – "Kazakhstan's Sorrow" collected stories was published
2005 – lyrics "Scattered verses, or pickpockets in a nudists club"
2008 - another collected stories "Khsnili" xsnili" was published

Kazakhstan's Sorrow

Size: 160X200 mm
Number of pages: 184
Paperback. "Saari"
The book "Kazakhstan's Sorrow" is the first full-fledged collection of Tsotne Chikovani's short stories. It was published in 2004 with small circulation, 300 copies.

The book includes ten short stories written mainly over 1995-2003. These short stories are not of one particular style or trend. The stories are of different character. They also differ by size. Some of them, especially "McNolts' Guest", is autobiographical story and mainly describes real events. "McNolts' Guest" is about author's travel to Ireland, which he visited in 1994 indeed and the story described there is a gospel truth. A story "Paliashvili corner Barnov" is noteworthy, which was written under the influence of Aka Morchiladze's famous novel "August's Solitaire".
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