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Gela Chkvanava

Gela Chkvanava was born in Sokhumi, in 1967. After finishing the school he had to join the army. He went to Leningrad (now Petersburg) to serve in the zenith-rocket division. After the army Gela Chkvanava went to the Sokumi University. The war broke out when he was still a student. Everything written before the war was left in Sokhumi and burnt together with his house.

Not to think about the war all the time, and to take a little practice before he started to write his "Dzidzariada", he wrote several peaceful stories. A part of them was published in the collection of stories "The Local Colors". Later Gela returned to the theme of war again. The new stories were published under the title of "An Unfinished Story". Gela Chkvanava is one of the best contemporary Georgian writers. He is a winner of several literary prizes.

An Unfinished Story

Size: 205x145 mm
Number of pages: 280
A collection of stories about the war. The protagonist of the first story (which bears the same title as the whole collection) is an ex-soldier who lives with the memories of his wartime experience. The plot unfolds around one crucial event: the protagonist's step-father, Rezo, escapes to Sokhumi. It's the town where he used to live and which was lost during the war. One day he leaves for Zugdidi: "In Zugdidi he went as far as the bridge on the river Rioni, made the sign of the cross, stepped onto the bridge, crossed the river, and went straight to Sokhumi – to the town where there was his house, the grave of his wife and everything that he missed so much, especially due to the bustards calling him 'the refugee rat that escaped from home." Read an extract...



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