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Naira Gelashvili

A writer, specialist in German studies, translator, essay writer and public figure, Naira Gelashvili was born in 1947 in the village of Nukriani in Sighnaghi district. After finishing school in 1965 Naira Gelashvili continued her studies, taking courses at postgraduate level, and majoring in the history of Western European and American literature (1970-1973).
Naira Gelashvili began her translation activities in 1969. Her translations of works of German philosophy and poetry were printed in Georgian magazines.
Naira Gelashvili's writing career dates from 1981. Her first stories were published in Georgian literature magazines. She soon gained popularity among readers for her nonconformist prose, which eventually provoked a negative reaction from the Soviet authorities. Despite this, Naira Gelashvili has written a number of brilliant novels and short stories. Naira Gelashvili has won several literary awards, including the Ilia Chavchavadze Prize for Artistic Work (2008) and the 'Saba' Literary Prize for the best novel of the year ('The First Two Circles and all the Others', 2010).

The Moonlit Garden

'The Moonlit Garden' is a collection of short stories. It makes very pleasant reading, emotionally charged stories create a whole artistic space and offer the reader a particular example of a modern aesthetic. At the same time the collection is inspired by a strong feeling of protest. The short story 'I'm off to Madrid', which was published in the early 1980s in one of the Georgian literary journals, became the pretext for serious danger for the editor of this journal since the Soviet censors saw in the short story criticism of the Soviet Union and an 'excessively free point of view'. It is an interesting fact, and one characteristic of that odd time, that in order to neutralize this danger, the Writers' Union (the official writers' association at the time) awarded this short story with a prize as the best publication of the year. Read an extract...



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