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Basa Janikashvili

Basa Janikashvili, born in 1974, has graduated Tbilisi State University of Theatre and Cinema, faculty of drama. His first book of short stories and plays "A Mosquito" was published in 1998. Basa Janikashvili is an author of numerous of plays, which have been regularly performed in Georgia, some of them were performed in Russia and in the United Kingdom. He is one of the most successful TV and radio producers, lives and works in Tbilisi.

Literary Awards and Prizes:
2006 – literary award SABA for The Best Pay of the Year.
2009 – Russia and the Caucasus region category prize of the BBC International Radio play writing Competition

War Game

Size: 130x195 mm
Number of pages: 166
A new novel about the Russian-Georgian 2008 August war by Basa Janikashvili. As the war starts, one family's summer holiday destination becomes the front-line. Husband and wife, Guram and Vera, conduct their own war. A pebble, thrown by their son, hits and downs a Russian fighter plane. The captured pilots are to be shot dead. However, before the death penalty is to be carried out, the Georgians astonish the Russian pilots with their hospitality and warm reception.

The boundaries between the real and virtual worlds are often lost in the novel. It is up to the reader to decide whether the characters will become real participants in the conflict or players of a computer game.
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