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Beso Khvedelidze

Beso Khvedelidze was born December 18, 1972 in Tbilisi, Georgia. In 1996 he graduated from the faculty of Journalism at Tbilisi State University, and in 1999 the faculty of literature at Tbilisi Insititute of Culture. He is one of the most productive writers in Georgia, he has 13 published novels and writes short stories as well as poems. His stories have been published in 8 languages. Khvedelidze is also is a play-writer and an editor at "Literaturuli Palitra" magazine. He is also the member of the "Pen" Center in Georgia.

Awards and Prizes:
2010 - Winner of the Prize of Literature Bridges, International Festival (Baku)
2010 - Winner of the Literary Contest Litsakhelebi (Tbilisi)
2009 - Winner of the Prize for the best story for the Award October (Moscow)
2004 - Winner of the Literary Contest Pen-Marathon
2007 - Winner of the Prize for Literary Contest Tsero (Tbilisi)
2003 - Winner of the Literary Prize Saba (Tbilisi)
2002 - Winner of the Literary Contest Pen-Marathon


Size: 130x195 mm
Number of pages: 107
Tamro, an old vagabond woman, with heavy make-up and a constant smile on her face; she is an indivisible part of the history of local town. Everybody knows her.

This heartbreaking and warm story of poverty and pride is based on a true story and is dedicated to this picturesque character, who author knew personally. A woman, who was a great beauty somehow ended up as a beggar, but not a typical one – hiding saddest stories behind her simple and warm smile. Tamro takes care of her blind handicapped brother, because of his sensitivity she cannot let him realize difficulties she faces. Instead, she builds illusions of happy and careless life to keep brother happy. Pushing her limits, she makes impossible happen, literally impossible.
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