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Guram Megrelishvili

Guram Megrelishvili – contemporary Georgian writer, dramatist and screenwriter, was born in Tbilisi in 1980. In 2002 his first book 10 2 was published under the pen name Zemkha. His short stories have been published in Russia and United States. His book Reusable Bottles (2008) was nominated for the literary awards Saba and Gala. In 2010 was published – a novel about Russian-Georgian war in 2008. Diogene Publishers published Guram Megrelishvili's new short story collection Man's City in 2010.

The City of Man

Size: 205x135 mm
Number of pages: 268

Man's city is Guram Megrelishvili's new book published in 2010. It is a short story collection. The book is named after the one of the short stories in the book. The themes of the collection are different - from science fiction about the secret experiment on apes to a classic story which takes place in the train and is full of short dialogs in Chekhov's style. Man's city includes seven stories. Almost all of them show the variety of literary ways of expression. The mix of different writing styles is masterly made. The characters of the book: criminals, peasants, politicians, and others are shown vividly and described with a refined sense of humor. Read an extract...



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