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Sandro Naveriani

It would have been a great source of inspiration for any future writer to live in a country I was born in. It would have been an invaluable experience for any author to live through those three different decades that I had to live.
I spent my childhood in a bit worn-out but still in a communist époque, that left me with a burden of various complexes that I am still trying to overcome.
Second decade was a time of never-ending wars, of frozen houses with no electricity and water, with hungry stomachs, drugs on the streets and mafia-related police. I got burdened with another load of psychological wounds in this decade that I am also trying to beat.
The events that took place in those two decades played a huge role in forming me as a writer, but time and the circulation of my books would tell whether I am a decent author or not. However I know I won't stop writing no matter how bad or how unlucky writer I might end up to be, if the process of creating fiction will remain as pleasing and fulfilling as it is now for me.
As for the current decade, I have a period of awakening. I know this process has a bit laid-back pace, but I am still glad that it goes forward even little by little.

Argentinian Pitbull

Size: 130x195 mm
Number of pages: 180
Paperback, "Siesta"

ARGENTINIAN PITBULL will send you to the magic realism of southern American fiction as well as to the detectives of Arthur Conan Doyle and films by Quentin Tarantino. Totally unexpected turn-outs and depth, thrilling suspense, way too cinematic dialogues and architectonic of the texts makes this book easy, smooth and enjoyable to read. Read an extract...



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