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Rati Ratiani

Nino Suramelashvili (Rati Ratiani) was born (1982) and grown up in Tbilisi, Georgia. She graduated from the department of English Literature, Ilia Chavchavadze State University. She also attended course in Arts' Psychology and Film Studies. Her short stories, critical essays and plays have appeared in literary magazines since 2000. She writes under the male pseudonym. In 2009 was published her first book The Naked King. In 2010 her short storie Bravo pour le Clown was included in the volume Top 15 Georgian Short Stories published by one of leading Georgian publishing company and awarded with the 3rd prize.

The Naked King

Size: 137x198 mm
Number of pages: 94
Paperback, Logos Press
One of the most promising debutants in contemporary Georgian prose, Rati Ratiani chose 7 out of her numerous short stories to present in her first publication "The Naked King". The young author reveals maturity far beyond her age both in the content and form of its delivery in her short prose.

The world in her stories is mainly urban, its heroes are casual people as well though Ratiani manages to cast a totally different light on them, rediscover their everyday lives. Their vain search for something meaningful that makes life worth living transcends them into symbols, generalized images of lower-middle class youth in Georgia.

Rati Ratiani's prose is witty and intelligent. Her merits are doubled by the fact that she as a debutant is one of the rare exceptions in contemporary Georgian prose who managed to find her unique style of narration; distinguished and easily identifiable.
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