Editorial visits - Ukraine

September 10-15, 2013 during Publishers Forum

Feedback and follow-up by the participants in the Editorial Visits

The participants were kindly asked to complete anonymous evaluation forms after the seminar.

The processed and summarized feedback forms can be downloaded here in Word and in PDF (in English).

Some additional comments and feedback received:

Alison Bowden:

I wanted to write and thank you all for arranging my trip to Lviv. It was an incredible experience and I now fully understand why Lviv is a City of Literature and am happy to help in any way I can with your bid for the UNESCO title.

I enjoyed the Book Fair and Festival and appreciate all your work to include me in the Book Platform programme; I made some good contacts there too.

And I have a list of Ukrainian authors I need to read!

With many thanks for your kindest and hospitality,

Ali Bowden

Arevik Ashkharoyan:

It was great to have a chance to be in Lviv, which is a wonderful city and impressed me with its architecture, beautiful sites and cultural mood.

The Forum was very impressive in its turn. The number of literary festival events and the literary atmosphere of the city in general was amazing.

Arevik Ashkharoyan, 1st Literary Agency (Armenia)

Ketevan Kighuradze:

With this mail I would like to express my gratitude, it was very interesting and fruitful meeting in Lviv. Hope this is the start of the exchanging modern writers literature. we could organize to sign agreements for translations of Ukrainian writers in Georgian and also hope for vice versa. For future cooperation we will take a chance to invite some of the authors on our International Literary Festival in Tbilisi. Fore future cooperation we had interesting meeting with board members of Ukrainian Publishers association Oleksandr Afonin and Virginius Ionovich. Also meeting lit agents Anetta Antonenko and Arevik Ashkharoyan will help cooperation with the regional authors rights and building Georgian and Ukrainian and Armenian literary relation. As friendly advice, it would be very helpful for next time if the invited publishers can receive the catalogue of Ukrainian writers before they come to Lviv book fair. To be more prepared for meetings. Thank you very much for this opportunity again and hope to see you next year.


Ketevan Kighuradze

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Editorial visits within the Book Platform project will be implemented during 20th Lviv International Book Fair and Literature Festival, which will be held in September 10-15, 2013.
Editorial visits of European editors, publishers, and cultural journalists were held in Ukraine during the 20th Lviv Book Fair in September

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