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Erlom Akhvlediani

Erlom Akhvlediani, a well-known Georgian writer and scriptwriter, was born in Tbilisi on 23 November 1933, and died on 20 March 2012. Erlom Akhvlediani graduated from Tbilisi State University in the faculty of history in 1957 and passed higher educational courses in Moscow during 1962-64. During 1962-1999 he wrote the scenarios of eighteen films and starred in four movies. Erlom Akhvlediani is the author of three novels and numerous short stories. His works are translated and published in Russian, Armenian, Czech, German, Hungarian and Arabic languages. Erlom Akhvlediani received the USSR State Prize and several literary prizes, Literary Award SABA for the Best Novel of the Year (2011) among them.

Mosquito in the City 

Size: 115x175 mm
Number of pages: 236
Copyright holder: "Siesta"
Contact: Kate Kighuradze, 
"Mosquitoes in the City" by Erlom Akhvlediani, is a philosophical novel about matter of life concerns. A mosquito is a metaphor of a human being discovered in an unknown world. The author represents it as a humanized insect, at the same time comparing him with Eros, god of love. A sting of mosquito causes love, which is illness. And because Eros is a god, killing him is a fatal crime. But on the other hand, death is the only way to turn into a god, which is why the mosquito, an innocent human is looking for a person who will help him end his existence. This novel written with minimalist style is full of paradoxes, combining imagination and reality. Read an extract...



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