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Teona Dolenjashvili

Teona Dolenjashvili was born in 1977. She graduated from Tbilisi State University – Journalism and Filmmaking department. She started to actively publish her works since 2003. Her first book, the short stories collection "January River", was published in 2005 by Bakur Sulakauri Publishing. In 2006, "January River" has been awarded the literature prize Saba for the Best debut of the year. Her short stories are translated into German, English, Russian, Ukrainian, and Azeri languages and had been published in various literature collections of the above mentioned countries. The novel "Memphis" was published in 2008 by Publishing House Siesta and was awarded Literary prize Saba for the Best Novel of the Year in 2009.


Size: 140x200 mm
Number of pages: 256
Copyright holder: "Siesta"
Contact: Kate Kighuradze,
In the novel, the events take their start in Georgia of nineties and tell us about a  painter girl from Tbilisi, who is trying to escape abroad from the difficulties of her own country, as well as her solitude and lack of love. In Europe, she becomes a famous painter, but can hardly find neither her peacefulness, nor love. She returns to her home country, in order to find a donor for her sick child. Though, she stumbles into an organization, which is profiting on homeless children's organs. She finds herself confronted against the most important decision of her life, and at the same time, she cracks the mystery of her disappeared mother, who was vanished without a single trace, while her daughter was still a child.
In the novel, the author tells about the contemporary crises of the western world, and the role of the own country in the context of modern world: is her country nothing but a donor, a still healthy transplant for old Europe, or does she some other, more important mission?
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