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Aka Morchiladze

Aka Morchiladze, born in 1966 in Tbilisi, is the most talented and recognized contemporary writer in Georgia. He studied and later taught Georgian History at Tbilisi State University; worked as a sport's journalist in a sport's daily and participated in literature–Express within Europe in 2000. Aka Morchiladze's twenty novels and three books of short stories have been published by Bakur Sulakauri publishing since 1998. In 2005-06 he was an author and presenter of one of the most interesting TV programmes to date concerning literature. Several films and plays were based on his works. Currently he lives and works in London, UK.

Literary awards and prizes:
2012, 2008, 2006, 2005, 2003 > Literary Award SABA for the Best Novel of the Year;
2010 > Ilia University Literary award for the Best Novel of the Year;
2002 > First Prize of Tbilisi Book Festival for the Best Novel of The Year;
2000 > Silver Medal of Georgian Pen Center for The Best Novel of The Year.

Of Old Hearts And Sword 

Size: 130x195 mm
Number of pages: 152
Copyright holder: "Bakur Sulakauri Publishing"
Contact: Elene Pasuri,
A short, true masterpiece evoking the delicate aroma and atmosphere of Georgia in the early 19th century.
"Their behavior is strange and unacceptable for us, but their natural chivalry cannot fail to charm you." – this is how one of the characters of this novel, the wife of a Russian colonel, describes the Georgians. And certainly, Russians could not understand Georgians and their behavior in the early 1800s when they first occupied the tiny country.
This tragic story of a young Georgian man who became the victim of this misunderstanding symbolizes the story of Georgia being the victim of the Russian Empire.
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