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Mamuka Kherkheulidze

Mamuka Kherkheulidze was born in 1959 in Tbilisi. He studied in the Journalism Department of Tbilisi State University and has worked as a television and radio reporter as well as a print journalist. He has also worked in the Lexicology Department of the Georgian Academy of Sciences. He writes short stories and has published a collection of these. One of his short stories formed the basis for the 2010 Georgian film Street Days.

The Fantasy World 

Size: 105x165 mm
Number of pages: 96
Copyright holder: "Arete"
Contact: Mamuka Kherkheulidze;
"Caucasian Chronicles" is a collection of four short stories describing Georgia in 1990s. Author gives us the documentary picture of the county just after the declaration of independence from Soviet Union. The reader feels that the author witnessed all events and knew personally all people described in the stories. However this documentary style is not dry at all, vice versa – the author can present even the small details in a very artistic way. Moreover – he can masterly show the humanistic nature of main characters, who appear in the turmoil of civil war, see the death of their enemies or struggle with themselves trying to give up with drugs.
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