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Zaza Burchuladze

Zaza Burchuladze was born in 1973. He is a contemporary postmodern writer and dramatist. He graduated from the Georgian State Academy of Fine Arts and began writing and publishing his books at the age of 24. His short stories have been regularly published in Georgian Literary and Art magazines. Zaza Burchuladze translated numerous Russian contemporary novels and classics, some of these include authors like Fyodor Dostoyevsky and Vladimir Sorokin. In Georgia, he is well known not only for his scandalous novels, but also as a very talented actor, who successfully starred in a Georgian feature movie in 2008. Burchuladze's novels have been translated and published in Russia, Poland and Romania. In 2011, he was invited to the Literary Colloquium in Berlin as a participant.

Literary awards and prizes:
2012 > Ilia State University Award for the Best Novel of the Year ("The Inflatable Angel")
2003 > Literary award Tsinandali for the Best novel

The Inflatable Angel 

Size: 130x190 mm
Number of pages: 206  
Copyright holder: "Bakur Sulakauri Publishing" Contact: Elene Pasuri,
The game of "Summoning Spirits" is still quite popular in Georgia. During the game, the invoked spirit(s) gives signs to the players and confirms its presence. What will happen if one of the summoned spirits does not want to go back and decides to stay and live with the players? The new novel by Zaza Burchuladze narrates such a story. The summoned spirit in the book is a renowned mystic – George Gurdjieff; Gurdjieff's spirit is visible and highly communicative.
The young hosts are initially confused by the developments and are unhappy about the prospect of their new guest staying. However, with time they realize that Gurdjieff's spirit may bring them great benefits, like helping them get their hands on one million Euros. Yet the young hosts will not escape without dealing with some unpleasant events.
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