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Dato Turashvili

Dato Turashvili was born in 1966 in Tbilisi.  After graduating from primary school, he studied literature, film and art history at Tbilisi, London and Madrid Universities. Turashvili also studied film dramaturgy at the Erlom Akhvlediany Screenplay Workshop (Atelié) in Georgia. Apart from screenplays, he has written novels, short stories and plays. His first prose collection was originally published in 1991. Dato Turashvili has published 14 books in total. Turashvili has translated both prosaic and poetry texts, from Russian, Spanish and the English languages. His novel "Flight from the USSR" ("The Jeans Generation") is a number-one bestseller in Georgia. Turashvili has participated in several mountain climbing expeditions in the Caucasus, the Andes and the Himalayan Mountains. His short stories have been translated into seven languages (Croatian, English, Russian, Spanish, Korean, German and Basque) and have been published in the litrerary magazines of various countries.

Literary awards and prizes:
2007, 2003 > Literary Award SABA for the Best Play of the Year;

Flight from the USSR

Size: 130x200 mm
Number of pages: 156
Copyright holder: "Bakur Sulakauri Publishing"
Contact: Elene Pasuri,
This novel is based on one of the most tragic events in 1980s Soviet Georgia. Seven young people hijacked an airplane in an attempt to escape the Soviet Union. This was an exceptional event: at that time even the thought of escape was criminal. The Soviet government sentenced most of the protagonists to death.
Public opinion was split. Some considered them to be just ordinary terrorists. Others argued that living under the Soviet regime was so unbearable that the hijacking of the plane was justified. Flight from USSR lets the reader closely follow the leading characters, and learn more about their motives and aspirations. The novel has been adapted to the stage, and is one of the most successful productions of the "Georgian Free Theatre."
English & Turkish translations available.
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