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Kote Jandieri

Georgian short story writer Kote Jandieri was born in Tbilisi in 1958. In 1980 he graduated from Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi state university (Department of Geography-Geology).
His first short stories were published in 1977. The story Family Chronicle was included in the book "The Best 10 Georgian Short Stories". For the short story "Globalization" Kote Jandieri was awarded the Bakur Sulakauri Publishing prize for the Best Short Story of the year. He is the author of two short story collections: "From The Lives of Bad Guys" (1994) and "Cinderella's Night" (2009, Diogene Publishers).
He is the author of 16 movie scripts. Kote Jandieri is a member of the Georgian Pen Club. 

Literary Awards and Prizes: 
2010 > Literary award SABA for the Best  Collection of Short Stories of the Year.

Cinderella's Night

Size: 135x205 mm
Number of pages: 324
Copyright holder: "Diogene Publishers"
Contact: Zaza Shengelia,

Cinderella's Night is a collection of short stories written by Kote Jandieri over three decades.
Blackberry is the story of a literary forgery. The author discovers a manuscript masterfully written in Latin by an unknown author in the 20th century. The story describes the life of a Jewish man living in the epoch of Jesus Christ who eventually becomes a Christian saint.
Family Chronicle is an epistolary novella. The members of a family communicate with each other in a strange way: by writing letters to one another.
A Short Vacation is a story about the degradation of  human values. The story is told masterly by portraying an ordinary person facing all the rudeness and violence of the Soviet army. Globalization is a narrative of a Georgian peasant. It's a story about an ordinary man who witnessed epochal events throughout Georgia's history.

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