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Natalie Davitashvili

Natalie worked as a programming engineer in the late eighties. In the nineties, she specialized in the areas of printing and editing programs. Although by then she had written a couple of children's tales, her real career as a writer began after 2000 when she set about creating original texts in her successfully chosen style, children's fantasy. Her first book "The Story of Lile Iroeli" was published in 2007. The following year, she won first prize in the "Golden Feather" competition for unpublished works of children's literature with "The Return of the Winged Lions", which was published in 2009. In 2011, her third book "In the Mist and beyond the Mist" was published.

Natalie has created her own unique world. The stories of all three published books unfold within this world which, as a main rule of the fantasy genre, has a strong logic and a firm structure. Natalie lives in the Georgian capital, Tbilisi. She is married and has a teenage son.

Four Lands and Four Pillars

Size: 145x205 mm
Number of pages: 384
Copyright holder: Karchkhadze Publishing
Contact: George Karchkhadze,
"Four Lands and Four Pillars" to a certain extent represents a continuation of Nato Davitashili's earlier books "The Story of Lile Ioreli" and "When the Winged Lions Return". Why is it that the iron-faced and the faceless natives of the Zaari land cannot see each other's real faces? Why is the very beautiful and bewildering dance of the weeping sisters dangerous? For whom do the invisible and very strong blacksmith monks call? Lile Ioreli, who is sent into this world in the shape of an all-seeing Ilumeli, is once more the only one capable of getting to the heart of the secret of this place, and of restoring the former harmony between sides engaged in a life-and-death struggle with each other. Amazing depictions, peculiarly interesting stories, and a tense narrative: Experience a new adventure in an unknown world together with a well-known hero!

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