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Nestan Kvinikadze

Nestan Kvinikadze was born in Tbilisi in 1980. She graduated from the Shota Rustaveli University of Theatre and Cinema, in the faculty of Cinema-journalism. She published the first volume of her collection of stories at the age of 18 in 1998. In 2003 she published her first novel, "Nightingales of Isfahan"; in 2005 published a collection of short stories, which was entitled "Herself". In 2008 - released her second novel "Techno of Jaguars".
Nestan is the Editor-in- chief of the monthly Georgian-English magazine Focus and the Tbilisi Cultural guide Tbilisi Out. She is also the producer of the daily talk show Midday on the channel Rustavi 2.


Size: 140x140 mm
Number of pages: 88
Copyright holder: "Nestan Kvinikadze Publishing"
Contact: Nene Kvinikadze,
"The Spinning of the Dial" is a short story by young author Nestan Kvinikadze which is included in her collection "Herself". A total crisis prevailed in the country at the time of the civil and Abkhaz wars, with tens of thousands of people left homeless. A large part of the population began to drain from the country. A new wave of emigration brought new problems: telecommunication, the civilized means of which were completely destroyed, was a necessity. At that time, several pseudopost offices appeared in the capital where the population could call abroad illegally. The plot of "The Spinning of the Dial" takes place in just one such post office. The hero of the story is a teenage girl in love who visits a pseudo-post office to get into contact with her beloved. It is a place where, like her, people of various sex, age and status connect to family members.
It is here that a jigsaw puzzle puts itself together and creates a harsh picture of the 1990s.
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