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Nugzar Shataidze

Nugzar Shataidze, a well-known Georgian writer, dramatist and scriptwriter, was born in Tbilisi on 9 March 1944, and died on 9 February 2009. He was the recipient of several prizes and awards, and the holder of the first prizes at international film festivals for his script of the film "The Opposite Bank", which was based on one of his works.
The writer's creative work is imbued with particular pain and empathy towards his country and towards mankind in general. His creative work stands out for its multifaceted subject matter, its deep knowledge of Georgian language and history, and its depiction of the diversity of the actions of the human soul. There is almost no significant stage in the history of Georgia, especially that of the twentieth century, that has not received the author's attention.

November Rain

Size: 165x225 mm
Number of pages: 448 
Copyright holder: Nugzar Shataidze family Contact: Georgian Biographical Centre,

The short story "November Rain" depicts the difficult Stalinist era in Georgia in the 1930s and 1940s. Taking the example of one specific family, the writer masterly describes how totalitarianism destroys and devastates the human psyche, and how it fights against a person's main value, their dignity. Read an extract...



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