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Tamta Melashvili

Tamta Melashvili was born in 1979 in Ambrolauri, Georgia. After completing her secondary education she moved to Tbilisi, the capital. For a year she lived in Germany as a migrant. In 2008 she was granted MA degree in Gender Studies form Budapest Central European University. Currently, she resides in Georgia and works on women's rights and gender issues. She writes fiction in Georgian and English languages. Her stories have been published since 2006. Her first book "Count-Out Rhyme" on teenage girls' experience in a conflict zone quickly gained success in Georgia. It also took Saba Literary Award as the Best Debut in 2011. Recently, "Count-Out Rhyme" was chosen amongst the best ten in 2012 Hotlist by "Die Besten Bücher aus Unabhängigen Verlagen".

Count-out Rhyme 

Size: 125x175 mm
Number of pages: 70
Copyright holder: Tamta Melashvili,
Contact: Tamta Melashvili,
Tamta Melashvili's first book Count-out Rhyme was published in 2010. The book was hugely praised by critics. It's a novella about two teenage girls, who live in a provincial town located within a conflict zone. The war provides a sullen background to the book. There is no date or any geographical names mentioned in the story.
This is a story which can happen anytime and anywhere. War is a gloomy metaphor chosen by the author to show fully the human nature. Two small girls are involved in drug trafficking to earn money for food. They share all the troubles of adults. Such kinds of  psychological initiation into the world of adults also coincides with a physiological one – the first menstrual bleeding. One of the two girls dies while crossing a mined field. This is a tragic story written without a false note.
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