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Rezo Cheishvili

Rezo Cheishvili was born and grew up in the city of Kutaisi, then Georgia's second intellectual centre. He moved to the capital in 1954 to continue his studies, and in 1958 he graduated from Tbilisi State University with a degree in Georgian language and literature. In the same year, his short stories were published for the first time, in the almanac "First Ray". Rezo Cheishvili worked from 1961 to 1992 at the "Georgian Film" studio as an editor, as a member of the Film Script Administrative Board, and as a member of the Creative Association and as one of its leaders. In conjunction with this, he edited various Georgian literary journals and newspapers. Additionally, he continued to publish short stories and novels, and to write film scripts.
Rezo Cheishvili has been awarded Georgia's highest honour in the field of literature, the Rustaveli Award. He has also received the Georgian State Prize. In 1984, he received the USSR State Prize for the script for "The Blue Mountains". In 2012 he received Honorary award SABA for his contribution to the literature.

Music in the Wind

Size: 130x200 mm
Number of pages: 298
Copyright holder: Rezo Cheishvili
This novel comprises a number of small novellas, which represent the childhood memories of the main character. "Music in the Wind" is largely autobiographical. The main setting of the novel is the author's native city, Kutaisi. The narrative is varied, like life itself. Here you will meet a selection of character types who have left a strong mark on the author's personal development; you will meet one-off impressions, which for whatever reason stick with a person through a lifetime. People's simple, often hard lives and what at a glance might appear odd actions, create as it were a complete and ordered system, with its own harmony, and the being of the main character fills this harmony like music borne by the wind. In the stark realism of the novel the hidden links between various occurrences are interwoven organically, which gives us the key to Rezo Cheishvili's individual style of writing. Read an extract...



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