Promotion of Reading Internship: Librarians from Lviv in Poland

From 7th to 15th December, 2013, two librarians from Lviv are doing a one-week Promotion of Reading internship in Wrocław (Poland) within the Book Platform project. Bobrova Nadiia, head of the department of preschool children and pupils of 1-4 grades of the Central Library for Children and Youth of Lviv, and Sukhorebska Kateryna, head of the department of preschool children and pupils of 1-4 grades of the Lviv Regional Library for Children, study the experience of one of the best Polish libraries – the City Public Library of Wrocław.

Nadiia Bobroba writes:
«The third day! Hello! Today we had a very busy day. In the morning we visited the department of advertisement where we got acquainted with all printed materials which are distributed among 42 branches. Then we visited the library-branch 18, which is situated on the school territory and got acquainted with its work. The excursion to the library 44 and its multimedia center was also very interesting. At that time the CD recording of Adam Mickiewicz's ballads took place in the multimedia center. Then we visited the first multimedia library in Wrocław, which cooperates with the charity organization for hearing impaired "Hope"».

The selection of the interns
was made by means of an open competition between librarians-participants of the Promotion of Reading training, which was held in May 2013. Members of advisory committee agreed that the most relevant option would be to study the experience of Poland as the nearest neighboring country which used the systematic approach to promotion of reading. In order to take part in the competition a librarian should have presented the draft of a project aiming at promotion of reading in their district or city. The project has to be further developed during the internship and implemented after its completion. The first results of the projects will be presented at the Lviv International Children's Festival which will take place on May 16-18, 2014.

Photos by Nadiia Bobrova


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