Best Practices Report on Promotion of Translations

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This report was first issued in English back in 2007, but its observations on the international state of affairs with literary translations still hold valid today. While some of the organizations or people mentioned are no longer in the book sector, and in the meantime new players had come up at the scene, the conclusions of the analysis and the main issues remain credible.  At the time of its first release, the report gathered significant attention from around the world, not just because it is forwarded by Paul Auster, but because it presents a comprehensive picture of the main issues and forces at play that determine the state of translations. Esther Allen's essay on English language as "an invasive species" has not lost its power today and remains a reference for anybody concerned with the social and political aspects of translation policies and politics.

A note on the authors included in the current extract:

Paul Auster is a renowned and bestselling American author, and director Esther Allen is a writer and translator who currently teaches at Baruch College (CUNY)Carles Torner is a poet and a writer who also worked for the Institut Ramon Llull, which aims for the international promotion and translation of Catalan literature. Simona Škrabec is a literary critic, essayist and translator.

With the kind permission of the publishers, here we offer an extract from the report that is available in full at PEN International:

Download Best Practices Report on Promotion of Translations in English in Word and PDF, and in Georgian: in Word and PDF.


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