Public Discussion on Translations from Armenian

27 Feb 2013, Yerevan
The public debate on "Armenian Books in Translation in Other Languages after 1991", based on the outcomes of 11 language studies, their summaries and policy recommendations, will take place

on 27 Feb 2013
from 12:00 to 14:30 h
and a reception at the Naregatsy Art Institute
Vardanants 16/1, Yerevan

For the first time ever, there is a comprehensive study and a full bibliography of translations of works originally written in the Armenian language and published in a book format in translation, both in Armenia or abroad during the period 1991-2012. The summary of the studies that will be presented at the debate analyzes tendencies in the flow of translations from Armenian into eleven other languages and offers some concrete suggestions for instruments that will help Armenian literature be better presented in translation. The results of the studies and the public debate is of interest to anyone concerned with translations, publishing and cultural communication, both in Armenia and abroad: book professionals, cultural organizations and public policy makers. The public debate offers a chance to discuss questions such as: What are the channels by which Armenian authors are presented to foreign readers? How do international publishers choose what to translate from Armenian? Which are the successful authors translated after 1991? What needs to be done for Armenian literature to become more visible to readers of other languages?

The texts of the studies are available here: in English and in Armenian.


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