Translations from Ukrainian after 1991

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Ukrainian to Polish Translations Study

Ukrainian to Polish Translations Study researches the translations from Ukrainian into Polish before and after 1991. The study was conducted by Aleksandra Bratchuk -  translator from Polish and Belarusian, one of the founders of Association of Authors and Literary Translators (Kyiv, Ukraine), a researcher at Institute of Polish Philology at the Maria Curie-Skłodowska University (Lublin, Poland), and translated into English by translated into English by Anna Ivanchenko. The bibliography was prepared by Anatoly Ivchenko - linguist, lexicographer, bibliographer, chief editor of the "Urbino" Publishing House, publisher.

The Bibliography is available in our searchable translations database here.

Ukrainian to Polish Translations Study is available in Ukrainian (Word and PDF) and English (Word and PDF).

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