Translations into Armenian (1991-2013)

Facts, Trends, Recommendations
The study is dedicated to analyzing translations done in Armenia from 1991 to 2013. On the basis of the available data, the objective is to present the development trends of translation work in Armenia, analyze the trends, reveal existing shortcomings, recommend practical steps to improve the sector, as well as to study the trends in publications of translations, the relationships between translators, authors, publishers, literary agencies, financing bodies and other organizations, and their impact on translation flows, presenting specific tables which comprehensively reflect the issue and help undertake the required action.

The publication consists of the following chapters:
  • Scope, goal and methodology of the study
  • Introduction
  • Translation into Armenian from other languages - 1991-2013
  • Import of Russian translations: the demand for them and their role in the book market 
  • The social position of literary translators and their working conditions
  • Recommendations
  • Comments on the Translations into Armenian study by Armen Martirosyan
Translations into Armenian 1991-2013. Facts, Trends, Recommendations

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