Press Release: Promotion of Literature in Translation workshop in Ukraine

Promotion of Literature in Translation workshop

within the interactive capacity-building event
«State Policy in the Book Sector: New Chance for Ukraine»
June 26, 2014 in Kyiv, Ukraine

The seminar is held within the Book Platform project
(with the support of Eastern Partnership Culture Programme)
Organizers: NGO Publishers' Forum (Ukraine), Next Page Foundation (Bulgaria)

The workshop will become a conclusive event of the Book Platform project in Ukraine and one of the first events after the revolution of dignity and will be devoted to the discussion on the pressing issues of the book sector of the country.

Different groups of stakeholders will be invited to the workshop: publishers and booksellers, including publishers who are dealing with the promotion of literature; writers and literary critics; librarians; educators and scholars; cultural managers and public figures; deputies and officials; representatives of Ukrainian foundations, associations and NGOs; mass media and PR representatives; translators and literary agents; representatives of foreign institutions.

The participants will actively work in both professional and cross groups and will discuss the following questions: how to intensify the process of promotion of Ukrainian literature abroad? how to create favourable conditions for translations into Ukrainian? which foreign experience should be used? how to establish cultural connections between Ukrainian literature and other literatures of the world?

The group work will result in a document of a recommendation type. It will be further presented to the Ukrainian authorities for forming state policy in the book sector and in the sphere of literature promotion.  

Venue: Scientific Library of the Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, Kiyv, Ukraine.

Invited speakers:
Grzegorz Gauden – Director of the Polish Book Institute in Krakow. He will present the experience of Poland - the country, which, despite its post-Soviet experience, successfully promotes its literature in the world and achieves positive changes in the book sector.

Open only to registered participants.
Accreditation: Iryna Lepska, local manager in Ukraine, (097)2393876, ilepska(@)bookforum.com.ua

Detailed program of the seminar is available on the project website:


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