Presentation and Discussion on the Results of the Publishing Study in Ukraine at the Green Wave Book Fair in Odessa

On August 1, 2013 results of the study "Publishing and Bookselling in Ukraine. Results of a survey on book publishing and distribution, 2012-2013", carried out within the Book Platform project, were presented at the 17th International Book Exhibition-Fair "Green Wave" in Odessa. This year International Book Exhibition-Fair "Green Wave" was a large-scale event which involved more than 100 publishing houses and included more than 65 activities. It was held with the support of the Ukrainian Publishers and Booksellers Association, whose President Oleksandr Afonin is the author of the study.

Presentation of the survey was held within the round-table discussion "Pressing Issues of Ukrainian Book Publishing". As the continuation of this discussion the following topics were touched upon:
  • Results of polling of the regional state administrations as regards the conditions of publishing industry entities and libraries at the regional level;
  • Recommendations of the Parliamentary Hearings "Problems of Ukrainian Book Publishing, Bookselling As Well As Perspectives for Support of Book Reading in Ukraine";
  • Decree of the President of Ukraine № 336/2013 from 19.06.2013 «On some measures concerning the state support of publishing industry and promotion of reading in Ukraine».
The objective of the round-table discussion was predictive assessment of the positive and possible negative consequences of these documents practical actualization and elaboration of blocking mechanisms concerning the actions and measures that might be taken by the governmental authorities and might result in hindering the dynamic development of book publishing in Ukrainian society.

Results of the discussion constitute the basis for measures to be taken by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine with respect to implementation of the Decree of the President of Ukraine and Recommendations of the Parliamentary Proceedings.

*Cover picture by Viktor Skrypnic, from the official website of the Green Wave Fair.


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