Translations into Georgian since 1991: Public Discussion in Tbilisi

On 25th February Goethe Institute Georgia hosted a very important event for the Georgian publishing sector - public discussion on translations into Georgian since 1991, based on the outcomes of the study on translations into Georgian language, conducted within the Book Platform project. The results of the studies are available for free in English and Georgian, both in printed and electronic format, for a printed publication, please contact GPBA. The discussion was attended by over 30 translators, researchers, publishers, writers, cultural managers and other stakeholders, who gathered to analyze the outcomes of the studies and to discuss the ways of promotion of translated literature in Georgia and abroad.

The first part of the event comprised a short presentation of the study. Giorgi Lobjanidze, moderator of the public discussion, made a short introduction related to the main goals of the literature translations. Researchers Salome Benidze and Ani Kopaliani presented the methodology they used during the research process, and the results they received after the long process of the research.

In the second part, the audience was very actively involved in the discussion. During the discussion some very important questions were raised on the translations fees and the cooperation between translators and publishers. Tamar Lebanidze, a representative of "Diogene" publishing house, expressed her positive opinion towards the survey, and added that the work done by the researches is fruitful and detail-oriented: "This is a huge work made by qualified researchers". Experienced translators made remarks that the main problem, which delays the developing process of Georgian translations, is the lack of educative institutions to provide a new generation of literary translators.

The discussion was attended as well by Oliver Reisner – representative of the EU Delegation to Georgia. He expressed his opinion on the importance of such events, which gather the local publishers and translators, and give them a platform to discuss the current state of the translation process, and added that they should concentrate on the quality of the translation.



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