Armenian Literature Foundation at XVI Tbilisi International Book Festival

Arevik Ashkharoyan, Book Platform Local Project Manager for Armenia, took part in the Literary Forum and Dialogue for publishers, translators and writers, as well as XVI Tbilisi International Book Festival from May 29 to 31, 2014. Armenian collective stand at the Literary Festival presented Book Platform studies and other promotional materials. The Study of Translation into Armenian in 1991-2013, which was published just recently, was also presented and distributed among interested visitors.

During the Literary Forum and Dialogue Ms Ashkharoyan met international publishers and had a chance to introduce the current Armenian book market situation to them. The brochures of Publishing and Bookselling in Armenia as well as the Study on Translations into Armenian was distributed to around 20 publishers and other visitors during both events. In general the meetings were very useful. The invited international publishers were really interested in the region, and the studies of Book Platform were of high interest to them to understand the situation in the translation, publishing and bookselling market during the past 20 years.

The meetings will result in long terms cooperation with some of the publishers such as Arco Verlag, Austria.
Mr Christoph Haacker, Editor of Arco, mentioned about their plans to publish Armenian classical writer, as well as a collection of materials on Genocides. Ms Ashkharoyan mentioned the translations support program offered since this year to international publishers to translate Armenian literature as well as willingness to support Arco Verlag in researching more materials on Armenian Genocide at the Genocide Museum-Institute of Yerevan. Other publishers interested in Armenian literature were Emmanuelle Collas (Galaade Editions, France), Sonja Matheson (Baobab Books, Switzerland), Adam Berta (Europa Publishing, Hungary), Isabel Kupski (Fisher Verlag, Germany). ALF will keep contacts with these and other international and Georgian publishers in the future to establish long-term cooperation and update them on the news of Book Platform activities in Armenia as well as follow-ups of the activities and other self-sustainability measures of the project.



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