Book Platform Final Conference on Self-Evaluation and Sustainability

Book Platform staff and stakeholders gathered in Tsaghkadzor, Armenia in the end of July 2014 for a week-long final self-evaluation and sustainability session on the project.

The series of activities for wrapping-up the 30-month long Book Platform project included three separate sets of actions: a final staff meeting, two separate policy sessions for public officials with European experts, as well as a final project conference for stakeholders, staff and experts. The staff meetings preceded the conference and aimed at discussing jointly the achievements and the future of the project results as a means for preparation for the discussions on the same topic during the stakeholders' conference.

Overall, the aim of the final conference was – together with project staff and key stakeholders from the three countries – to evaluate the project's achievements and impact, and to explore concrete steps for future sustainability of the project results. Day one was devoted on participatory self-evaluation of progress, including on project's main objectives, its contribution to the Programme's objectives, its effectiveness and impact on the action countries. During day two the focus was on sustainability of project results: short-term and long-term plans, and commitments by participants.

The program was highly interactive and all participants contributed to a high extend and with an explicit commitment. In addition, the project's external evaluator was present throughout the whole duration of the wrap-up events, had interviews with stakeholders and beneficiaries and contributed to the self-evaluation process.

In the end of the project the staff and some of the most active stakeholders of the project were asked to look back and share their thoughts on their experience with Book Platform:

Book Platform as experienced by the staff
Book Platform project as experienced by its participants



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