Book Platform Newsletter: Issue 22


In this issue of Book Platform Newsletter:
  • Book Platform Final Conference on Self-Evaluation and Sustainability
  • Final Press-Conference of the Book Platform Project
  • New on the Website: Best Practices Reports
  • New on the Website: Info on Literatures

  Book Platform Final Conference on Self-Evaluation and Sustainability

Book Platform staff and stakeholders gathered in Tsaghkadzor, Armenia in the end of July 2014 for a week-long final self-evaluation and sustainability session on the project. The series of activities for wrapping-up the 30-month long Book Platform project included three separate sets of actions: a final staff meeting, two separate policy sessions for public officials with European experts, as well as a final project conference for stakeholders, staff and experts. Overall, the aim of the final conference was – together with project staff and key stakeholders from the three countries – to evaluate the project's achievements and impact, and to explore concrete steps for future sustainability of the project results. Read more...

  Final Press-Conference of the Book Platform Project 

The Book Platform project and Armenian Literature Foundation hosted the press-conference on the occasion of finalizing the Book Platform project in Yerevan, Georgia. The press conference took place at Elite Plaza Center on 24 July 2014. The press conference was opened by Nerses Ter-Vardanyan, Deputy Minister of Ministry of Culture of Armenia. The achievements of the project were presented by Yana Genova, director of Next Page Foundation and overall manager of Book Platform, Arevik Ashkharoyan, project manager for Armenia, and Iryna Lepska, project manager for Ukraine. Read more... 

 New on the Website: Best Practices Reports

In the Resources section of the Book Platform website visitors can find the newly added sub-section with Best Practices Reports. The Report on Reading Promotion compiles a list of 17 practices different in form and content that could be used to popularize reading among children and teenagers. We hope that the suggested practices, coming from European Union and Eastern Partnership countries, will inspire librarians, teachers, cultural managers and other promoters of reading to implement such initiatives at local, national and international levels. Such events could become the small steps necessary to bring about great changes.

The Best Practices Report on Promotion of Translations is a selected extract of the
report "To Be Translated or Not To Be. PEN / IRL Report on the international situation of literary translation", which was first issued in English back in 2007, but its observations on the international state of affairs with literary translations still hold valid today. While some of the organizations or people mentioned are no longer in the book sector, and in the meantime new players had come up at the scene, the conclusions of the analysis and the main issues remain credible.  At the time of its first release, the report gathered significant attention from around the world, not just because it is forwarded by Paul Auster, but because it presents a comprehensive picture of the main issues and forces at play that determine the state of translations. Esther Allen's essay on English language as "an invasive species" has not lost its power today and remains a reference for anybody concerned with the social and political aspects of translation policies and politics.

 New on the Website: Info on Literatures

The newly added section about Literatures from Armenia, Georgia and Ukraine is a rich catalog of authors and titles. Apart from useful information about translation support grants from Armenian and from Georgian, the section contains a list of 60 Armenian authors, 22 Georgian authors with 22 books extracts in English, and over 50 Ukrainian authors. The lists will be further enriched.

THE BOOK PLATFORM PROJECT assists in developing skills, in building international networks and in creating smart policies for creating an environment for a healthy, sustainable and open book culture in three countries of the EU Neighborhood Policy – Armenia, Georgia and Ukraine. It is a project of Next Page Foundation in cooperation with Armenian Literature Foundation (Armenia), National Publishers Association (Armenia), Georgian Book Publishers Association (Georgia) and Publishers' Forum (Ukraine), supported by Eastern Partnership Culture Programme of the EU.


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