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In this issue of Book Platform Newsletter:
  • Book Platform Newsletter: Final Issue! 
  • Glance Back at Book Platform 
  • New on the Website: Final Project Report 
  • What's Next for the Book Sectors in Armenia, Georgia and Ukraine
  • What's Next for Next Page Foundation

  Book Platform Newsletter: Final Issue!

After two years and eight months, which saw dozens of workshops and seminars, hundreds of new pages in studies, thousands of kilometers traveled, and innumerable encounters, new contacts and possibilities for future collaborations, the Book Platform project has finally come to an end! We are grateful to all the people and organizations, who helped us to make this project possible, but mostly to the Eastern Partnership Culture Programme, that provided the financial framework!

Therefore, this is the last issue of the Book Platform Newsletter! The Book Platform website, however, will be still active at least for the next five years, so all the resources will be available!

From the beginning of 2015 Next Page will renew the distribution of its monthly newsletter - Page Back! Apart from its new vision, the newsletter will boast new outline with more diverse and rich content, and for the first time in its history will be bilingual - in English and Bulgarian. If you do not wish to receive the Page Back, use the "unsubscribe" button in the end of this newsletter!  

  Glance Back at Book Platform 


  New on the Website: Final Project Report

In the Resources section of the Book Platform website visitors can find the newly added Final project report. It contains the Final Project Narrative Report, Expenditures Verification Report by an external auditor, as well as the External Evaluation Report by Corina Suteu.

  What's Next for the Book Sectors in Armenia, Georgia and Ukraine  

What's next for Armenia? Here are the highlights by Arevik Ashkharoyan, project local manager for Armenia:

The Armenian Literature Foundation has fulfilled several important stages since the closure of Book Platform Project:
  • An important follow-up of the project and a pressing issue to be solved is the active negotiation with the Ministry of Culture on supporting translations from Armenian. The declaration on supporting translations, which was developed during the Workshop on Promotion of Literature in Translation, was sent to the Minister of Culture, along with all the studies on translations, publishing industry and readership. It gave a good base to start conversation with the Ministry as an organization which has a back-up information on the current state of the publishing industry.
  • The board of ALF made a decision to make the Editorial Visits Program one of the central activities of the foundation. The next visits are planned for February 2015.
  • Due to the Strategic Planning and Fundraising Distant Mentorship that ALF has taken, we have organized a brainstorming sessions with ALF board and have finalized our Mission statement, fundraising strategy as well as have planned another session for a short term Strategic Planning for 2015, which will take place at the end of 2014.
  • Armenian Literature Foundation is initiating the establishment of Literary Translators Association. Considering the importance of the development of publishing field in Armenia the Foundation is ready to assist the activities of the Association and has already taken up the expenses of the development of Association website. Nevertheless, the Association will be a separate institution, governed by the board and acting according to its own regulations and policies. Association will become a functioning institution only due to the involvement of professionals of the field and their active participation in the activities.
  • The ALF website www.literature.am has been updated actively with the materials developed during Book Platform as well as other news on activities and initiative of ALF. The website is now literally the only resource which has gathered information on publishing sector of Armenia. It includes information about leading publishers, new book published, news on the sector. Due to Info on Literature component of Book Platform a 4 language database of around 60 Armenian writers was created and it is being maintained now by the means of ALF to become a more extended resource on Armenian literature.
In general Armenia is missing Book Platform Project activities which can be proved by the number of inquiries we get from the professionals of the field about the possible continuation of the project or follow-up activities.

What's next for Georgia? Salome Maghlakelidze, project local manager for Georgia:
  • At the end of November the Book Festival Expo Georgia took place in Tbilisi, the international experts ran discussion panels and visitors were able to get information about new editions and illustrations organized by Book Art Center, Goethe Institute, GNBC and Ministry of foreign affairs of Germany.
  • In October the Georgian National stand was renewed and 2 forums were organized by GPBA.
  • Around 30 Georgian titles are translated into foreign languages and published abroad within the GNBC and the program in support of Georgian book and literature of Ministry of Culture of Georgia. 
  • Georgian National Book Center announced a call for Georgian and foreign publishers and translators to increase the number of Georgian titles translated and published books abroad as well as foreign titles in Georgian, Sample translations of Georgian literature. 
  • GNBC is planning the professional seminars for publishers and translators locally and internationally as well as literary translation workshops for translators (foreign and Georgian). 
  • The new website of Georgian National Book Center is almost ready and will be presented soon. 
Information about all past, present and future events related to the book sector in Georgia is available at https://www.facebook.com/georgiannationalbookcenter and https://www.facebook.com/gpba.ge.

What's next for Ukraine? Iryna Lepska, project local manager for Ukraine, on the situation:

The most topical issue for Ukraine is the development and implementation of national program for the promotion of reading. In this order the number one step which should be taken is creating a single coordination center such as Book Institute. This institution will be responsible for national book policy and strategy as well as for cooperation between different local players, networking with foreign partners, research and monitoring of key indicators, development of the roadmap with priority measures and activities. At the moment different groups of stakeholders, led by the Ministry of Culture, consolidate their efforts for culture strategy development till 2025. Substantial part of this strategy will be focused on reading and literature promotion and will develop the recommendations on which single national program for the promotion of reading will be based.​ For further information follow http://culture2025.org.ua/ and ​http://bookforum.ua/.

  What's Next for Next Page Foundation

Next Page, in cooperation with the European Cultural Foundation, has just published the book "12 Impossibles. Stories by Rebellious Arab Writers" .This short selection of forbidden, censored or harshly criticised stories by contemporary Arab writers of the "middle generation", represents in the best possible way not only the tradition of storytelling, but also the culture of rebellion and dissent that has long been part of Arab societies. The stories were collected, selected and translated over a period of twelve years as the Serbian editor and translator Srpko Leštarić came across them, and are accompanied by masterful descriptions about the fate of the authors, their texts, and the art of translating from Arabic.

In October 2014, Next Page Foundation together with the Dutch Foundation for Literature as a lead partner and seven more partners from all over Europe, put together an ambitious application to continue the Schwob project. Schwob looks for modern classics, cult books, must-reads from all over Europe, which haven't been widely translated and which are to most of us still an insider's tip.The application was submitted under Creative Europe call for proposals.

Apart from the above, Next Page is cooking up another very ambitious project! We are about to reveal the news about it soon, so make sure to stay on the "Page Back" subscription list and be among the first to hear about
this exciting new initiative!


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