Press Release: Public Discussion on Translations into Armenian (1991-2013)

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Public Discussion on

Translations into Armenian (1991-2013)
Facts, Trends, Recommendations

The Book Platform project and the Armenian Literature Foundation invite you to a public discussion that will present and discuss the outcomes of the Study on Translations into Armenian from 1991 to 2013. The event will take place

on July 10, 2014, 17:00
at "Hay Girq" book store
16a Isahakyan Street, Yerevan, Armenia

The study is dedicated to analyzing the translations done in Armenia from 1991 to 2013. On the basis of the available data, the objective is to present the development trends of translation work in Armenia, analyze the trends, reveal existing shortcomings, recommend practical steps to improve the sector, as well as to study the trends in publications of translations, the relationships between translators, authors, publishers, literary agencies, financing bodies and other organizations, and their impact on translation flows, presenting specific tables which comprehensively reflect the issue and help undertake the required action.

The study will be presented by its autrhors – the researchers Arqmenik Nikoghosyan and Ashot Gabrielyan.

The texts of the studies are available here in English and Armenian: bookplatform.npage.org/en/activities/69-translations-into-am-en.html

ARMENIAN LITERATURE FOUNDATION (ALF), established to ensure the international recognition of and access to Armenian literature, and to contribute to the development of the Armenian book market. It aims at dissemination of information and promotion of Armenian literature locally and internationally, through translation grants, participation at and organization of book fairs, professional development programs, seminars and business meetings. ALF has recently become the local partner of the Book Platform Project.

is a project of Next Page Foundation in cooperation with Armenian Literature Foundation (Armenia), National Publishers Association (Armenia), Georgian Publishers and Booksellers Association (Georgia), Publishers Forum-Lviv (Ukraine). The project is funded by the European Union and is implemented in frames of the Eastern Partnership Culture programme in support of the role of culture in the region's sustainable development and promotion of regional cooperation among public institutions, civil society, cultural and academic organisations in the Eastern Partnership region and with the European Union.

For more information, please contact:

Arevik Ashkharoyan, local project manager Book Platform
Armenian Literature Foundation
50a/1 M. Mashtots ave., Yerevan, Armenia
Telephone: (374-77) 35 11 12


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