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Georgia, brought back to the world map after the collapse of the Soviet Union, has been known already to the ancient Greeks as a country of unique culture. Let me remind you that the myth about the Argonauts and the Golden Fleece takes place in the land of Kolkhis – the ancient Georgian kingdom. The first inscription made with the unique Georgian alphabet, as well as the first Georgian book ever, both date back to the 5th century, which makes us believe that literature has always been an important aspect of Georgian culture as well as identity. We are proud of our literature and our gifted authors, though regretfully the Iron Curtain during the Soviet period made it impossible to translate their works into other languages and thus are unknown to the majority of readers in foreign countries.

Thus, I, as a minister of culture of Georgia, see my mission in providing support and all possible funds to promote contemporary Georgian authors and literature worldwide. The Ministry of Culture supports the Association of Georgian Publishers and Booksellers to organize the annual Book Festival in Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia; helps to build a collective stand at the Frankfurt Book Fair since 2007 and will provide funds to organize the collective stand at the Leipzig Book Fair from 2012; endows translation grants to foreign publishers who wish to translate Georgian fiction; and provides grants to local authors. All these are step-by-step efforts which we hope will lead us to the next level – and a very important one: we hope that Georgia will become a guest of honor, both, at the Leipzig and Frankfurt book fairs. I admit that this poses a real challenge to all of us, but we are ready, willing and able to meet it! Thank you very much!

Nikoloz Rurua, Minister

Georgian authors:

Erlom Akhvlediani
Mariam Bekauri
Lasha Bugadze
Zaza Burchuladze
Rezo Cheishvili
Otar Chiladze
Natalie Davitashvili
Guram Dochanashvili
Teona Dolenjashvili
Rezo Gabriadze
Kote Jandieri
Jemal Karchkhadze
David Kartvelishvili
Zurab Karumidze
Mamuka Kherkheulidze
Ana Kordzaia-Samadashvili
Nestan Kvinikadze
Zurab Lezhava
Tamta Melashvili
Aka Morchiladze
Nugzar Shataidze
Dato Turashvili


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