Date: May 17-19, 2013
Place: Palace of Arts (Kopernika, 17)

There is no other festival like this in Ukraine!
It is a unique event for development and fun for children and their parents.
More than 300 events in 3 days: reading, art workshops, contests, quests, games.

Lviv International Children Festival (LICF)
is a festival of festivals, and each of them has its purpose. Altogether they demonstrate children and their parents that possibilities for development are limitless, push children to develop their creative potential in various fields.The festival aims to perform interactive engagement of children and adolescents of all ages, social categories and degree of talent to develop various kinds of activity.

Target audiences

Visitors:  over 15 000 children with parents and teachers
Informed:  over 100 000 of families in Lviv and region
   over 5 million people through media

Partners: Lviv city council, Lviv regional council, Lviv regional state administration, Lviv Palace of Arts, Coca-Cola Foundation, Next Page Foundation, Consulate General of the Czech Republic in Lviv, International Board Games Festival Game sphere, Old Lion Publishing House, Urbino Publishing House, Chudo Tour Company, Kredens Cafe.

Lviv International Children Festival will include the following activities:

1. Collect the elephants game. The game begins at all the schools and children libraries of Lviv. The participants will be given special route planners to pass through different events of the festival and gather as many elephants as possible. The most active ones will be granted with books, beverages, sweets, souvenirs, gadgets from the sponsors and partners of the festival. The prizes will be raffled on the scene within A book from a star campaign.

2. The participants' parade of the festival
– great event that opens the Festival on May 17, 2013. More than 1500 children-members of children sport teams, kid art groups, wearing costumes of their favourite fiction characters, accompanied by drum players, musicians and puppets walk through the central part of the city and invite others to the festival. In the front yard of the Palace of Arts a defile and awarding ceremony of suits competition winners will take place.

Festival of Children Reading BOOKMANIA is the main component of the LICF, a complex of events, aimed at reading promotion among children and youth. Due to communication with famous people and participation in various events children learn that reading is not only helpful, but also interesting and cheerful.
  • Meeting the children authors from Ukraine, Poland, Belarus, Great Britain and Switzerland and autograph sessions will be held non-stop during the festival. The Guest of Honor – Ian Whybrow (GB), author of novels about the adventures of Little Wolf Special Guest – Joanna Jagiello (Poland) Also 30 other authors amongst which Maksym Kidruk, Volodymyr Rutkivs'kyj, Sashko Lirnyk, Maryana Savka, Roman Skyba, Halyna malyk, Oksana Dumans'ka, Oleksandr Havrosh.
  • The final stage of children reading competition The Best Ukrainian Reader and the ceremony of the winners' awarding. Summarizing of the results of the Competition and the ceremony of the children-winners' awarding. The winners will be granted with diplomas The Best Ukrainian Reader, books and other gifts. The winners will take part in all festival activities.
  • A book from a star campaign. Stars of TV and sport will read their favourite children books to kids, have fun with children, raffle presents from partners. The event will be held 4 times a day.
  • A night in the library campaign. Children will have an opportunity to spend an exciting night with sleeping bags in a children's library, as if they were in a tourist camp. Readings, discussions and workshops will be held.
  • Literature quests. During these three days several children teams will participate in quests. Children will get to know history and literature, will demonstrate their skills and knowledge of territory orienting. The participants will receive brand festival souvenirs and presents.  
4. Promotion of Reading training among children and youth within the international Book Platform project – 2-day interactive training seminar for librarians on techniques for promotion of reading in the contemporary environment. With special focus on inclusion of youth, that has a limited access to the media. Promotion is held in partnership with the Next Page Foundation (Bulgaria), Publishers Association of Armenia and Publishers Association of Georgia.

5. Festival of the children creativity and art

  • Art workshops with the total duration of 120 hours will take place. The master-classes are conducted by the painters, sculptors, writers, craftsmen, students of the art institution, teachers of the art schools, centers and the houses of the children and youth art, literary studios, schools of the craft arts and other organizations. Due to the conducting of the master-classes the children gain the new useful skills.
  • New! Workshops on upcycling and recycling –transforming old things and packages into new and authentic souvenirs and decorative ware. An exhibition and workshop of the Czech artist Veronika Rehorikova. Creating art-objects from the plastic bottles. Partner - Consulate General of the Czech Republic in Lviv.
  • The collective thematic picture(size 10m) is a culmination of the festival. It's a product of collective art of everyone that is eager to join.
  • The premiere of theatrical performance about Petia Piatochkin – one of the favourite children character created by Ukrainian writer Natalia Guzeeva.
 6. Board games festival Game sphere. For the second time the Festival will feature board games, another exciting and educational way of spending leisure time. The festival will have a games room where children and adults can play various board games from all over the world. The game competitions will be held non-stop.

7. Sport Festival.
Workshops for children, carried out by professional soccer players and famous sportsmen, as well as sport games and competitions outdoors. Every day children will be able to participate in quests, and in every team the writers will tell children stories about sport. The winners will be granted with presents from sponsors and partners.

The Fair of the Ukrainian children books Forum for Children. The participants – publishers of the children books, periodicals, audio- and video production, games and toys. Within the Fair the Ukrainian independent award in children's literature Young Lion is presented. It is the first independent award in the field of children literature. Best books are chosen by children – the most fair jury.

About NGO Publishers' Forum:
Since 1994 non-governmental organization 'Publishers' Forum' has been leading its activity which stimulates the development of the Ukrainian book market and integration of the Ukrainian literature into the world context. We are implementing cultural, educational and social projects aimed at promoting reading and literature, development of book publishing and library sector, increasing of cultural and educational level of children and youth. We pay great attention to promoting reading among children and youth: reading is presented as a way of successful social adaptation which favours the formation of highly developed personality capable of integrating into the world community. Children Festival takes place since 2007 under the name 'Publishers' Forum for Children', since 2011 – under the name of Lviv International Children Festival. Now it is the biggest event for children and young adults in Ukraine.

NGO Publishers' Forum
tel./fax: 38(032)2764152

Festival director – Iryna Lepska
mob.: 38(097)2393876

Festival coordinator – Natalia Yer'omenko
mob.: 38(050)6889525

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