Press Release: Reading Promotion for Children and Youth

international training seminar for participants from Ukraine, Armenia and Georgia May 17-18, 2013, Lviv, Ukraine

The seminar is held within the Book Platform project (with the support of Eastern Partnership Culture Programme) during the Lviv International Children's Festival.
: Next Page Foundation (Bulgaria), NGO Publishers' Forum (Ukraine)

The workshop aims to present the best techniques of reading promotion among children and young adults, which can be used in modern information environment. Main goals of the seminar: increase skills in applying contemporary methods for reading promotion; diversify the audiences of reading promotion events; motivate participation of local groups and experts in European and regional networks on reading promotion; increase visibility of the issue of reading as key factor for human development.

Venue: Center for Urban History of East Central Europe (Akad. Bohomoltsia 6, str.), Lviv, Ukraine.

Participants: 30 specialists in promotion of reading, educators, researchers, librarians(among them the most successful organizers of the Ukraine's Best Reader contest) from Ukraine, Armenia and Georgia.

Invited speakers:

Elżbieta Olszewska, Poland a Board Member and Program Director of the Foundation ABCXXI - All of Poland Reads to Kids. The author of numerous educational programs, lecturer and trainer. Co-author of the books "The baby in the world of values" and "Education through reading". Member of the Academy of Young Economist. In 2012 was awarded a Prize of the Polish Language Masters Forge.

Dr. Sigrid Fahrer, Germany project manager at Stiftung Lesen in Mainz. The main focus of her work lies on media literacy, on reading in the digital age, and on the connection between reading and sports. She is responsible for planning, acquiring and organizing projects and initiatives in these areas. Currently she is in charge of promoting the online website for kids www.clixmix.de. Additionally she is organizing reading activities at German premier league's kids clubs and arranging a conference on reading and sports.

Olena Bashun, Ukraine – PhD,Ukrainian scientist, social activist, member of the Donetsk branch of the Taras Shevchenko Scientific Society. Founder of two nongovernmental organizations - Donetsk Regional Association "Community Initiatives" and Donetsk regional branch of the Ukrainian Library Association. Participant of numerous international workshops and educational programs on marketing and fundraising for librarians.

Olena Liublianska, Ukraine – head of analytical department of Lugansk Regional Youth Library. Developed several training courses for librarians such as "Action as an effective method and form of reading support"; "Advertising of books and reading. Target group – youth"; "Self-educational reading for librarians in the web"; "Library in today's media environment. Practical tips for working in social networks". Provides annual analysis of the work of public libraries in the Lugansk region concerning library services for youth.

Open only to registered participants.

Accreditation: Iryna Lepska, local manager in Ukraine, (097)2393876,ilepska@bookforum.com.ua

Detailed program of the seminar is available on the project website: https://bookplatform.npage.org/en/news/390-news-reading-promotion-program-available.html

THE BOOK PLATFORM is a project of Next Page Foundation in cooperation with National Publishers Association (Armenia), Georgian Publishers and Booksellers Association (Georgia), Publishers Forum-Lviv (Ukraine). The project is funded by the European Union and is implemented in frames of the Eastern Partnership Culture programme in support of the role of culture in the region's sustainable development and promotion of regional cooperation among public institutions, civil society, cultural and academic organisations in the Eastern Partnership region and with the European Union.


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