Promotion of Literature in Translation: Ukraine

Interactive capacity building event titled «State Policy in the Book Sector: New Chance for Ukraine» took place in Ukraine in the Scientific Library of the Kyiv-Mohyla Academy on June 26, 2014.

The event became a conclusive activity of the Book Platform project in Ukraine and one of the first events after the revolution of dignity, and was devoted to discussions on the pressing issues of the book sector in the country.

Different groups of stakeholders were invited to the workshop: publishers and booksellers, including publishers, who are dealing with the promotion of literature; writers and literary critics; librarians; educators and scholars; cultural managers and public figures; deputies and officials; representatives of Ukrainian foundations, associations and NGOs; mass media and PR representatives; translators and literary agents; representatives of foreign institutions.

During the work in both professional and cross groups participants tried to answer the following questions: how to intensify the process of promotion of Ukrainian literature abroad?; how to create favourable conditions for translations into Ukrainian?; which foreign experience should be used?; how to establish cultural connections between Ukrainian literature and other literatures of the world? Everyone had a possibility to express their thoughts, to listen to others and their critical remarks, to discuss the ideas once again taking into consideration these critical remarks.

Interactive methodology of discussion turned out to be very effective. The participant of the conference Oksana Khmelovska, the co-founder of the cultural and publishing portal "Chytomo", emphasizes that the maximum possible number of representatives of different activities should be involved in the formation of the book sector: "As far as I remember this is the most fruitful and important event in the book sector and I hope that the developments of it will bring results because all of us are interested in that. After all, it is our interest to join the initiative and to achieve results with common efforts. There exists the problem of dissociation of the book sector players and it is great that Book Platform project and NGO "Publishers' Forum" brought together representatives of book distribution networks, publishers, librarians, journalists, educators".

The result of the conference will be the road map worked out by the editing group that will be offered to the Ukrainian authorities for the formation of the state policy in the book sector.



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‹‹Գրքի հարթակ›› նախագծի տեղեկագիր N18


‹‹Գրքի հարթակ›› նախագծի տեղեկագիր N17


‹‹Գրքի հարթակ›› նախագծի տեղեկագիր N16


‹‹Գրքի հարթակ›› նախագծի տեղեկագիր N15


‹‹Գրքի հարթակ›› նախագծի տեղեկագիր N14

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