Редакционные посещения - Армения

18-20 February 2014 (before Promotion of Literature in Translation workshop)
Six editors and agents from Europe and neighboring countries were hosted in Armenia within the Editorial Visits component of Book Platform project. This was an exclusive event to bring in a group of professionals interested in Armenian book market for a dialogue with local stake holders. The participants arrived for a three day visit to meet local publishers, literary agents, journalists and writers to discuss the cooperation opportunities in terms of rights exchange. Guests also had an opportunity to visit cultural institutions, museums, and historical monuments as well as other places of special interest to extend their knowledge about the county, its culture, history and traditions.

The Editorial Visits team consisted of Dr. Piero Salabe, Editor of Hanser Verlag (Germany), Ingemar Nilsson, Senior Editor of 2244 (Sweden), Dr. Silvia Brunelli, Founder and Director at Nabu International Literary and Film Agency (Italy), Laure Pecher, Literary Agency at Astier-Pécher Literary Agency and Editor at Zoe Editions France/Switzerland, Nermin Mollaoglu, Founder of Kalem Literary Agency, Coordinator of Istanbul Tanpinar Literature Festival (Turkey), Dejan Trajkoski, Founder and Director of Pro-Za Balkan Festival and Editor at Ikona publishing house (Macedonia).

Firstly international guests had a presentation of the publishing and book market in Armenia held by Armenian Literature Foundation, Book Platform's local project partner. This was aimed for a better understanding of the structure, influences and current developments of the book and publishing market in Armenia.

Afterwards each of the editors and literary agents had individual meetings with publishing houses Antares, Zangak, Print Info, Ankyunakar, Actuelle Art, Komitas as well as with the 1st Armenian Literary Agency. European professionals also had a chance to meet writers, namely Hrachya Saribekyan, Aram Pachyan, Armen Ohanyan, Hovhannes Tekgyozyan, Gurgen Khanjyan, Vahram Martirosyan and others during informal meetings. This had its special impact on the results of the Editorial Visits, such as raised interest in Armenian literature in general and particularly in writers they could communicate with.

One of the immediate results of the Editorial Visits was the contract between 1st Armenian Literary Agency and Kalem Literary Agency on both way cooperation around representation of their rights lists in Armenia and Turkey. Feedback from publishers was given to the 1st Armenian Literary agency about the titles represented and more targeted communication was held on publishing of local writers in the respective countries. Local publishing houses were also interested in the titles represented by international editors and agents and negotiations were held about possible publication in Armenian language.

On the final day of Editorial Visits all the international guests gave their feedback on the program and assisted in preparation of the list of potential invitees for the next editorial visits, which is being planned by Armenian Literature Foundation as the first sustainability action for project continuation in Armenia.



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