Исследование привычек читателей и чтения политики: Грузия

Results of a survey on readership
The Readership and Reading Habits Policy Study, developed under the Book Platform project, is one of the first large-scale projects in Georgian Publishing sector. Objective of this research is studying book readers and buyers, considering their requirements and habits. During research process, many trends were highlighted which would be interesting for book publishers.

Main Findings and Trends

Following trends were highlighted in research results:
  • "Friends'/relatives' advice" have significant influence on consumers' book selection process, both during reading and buying;
  • The book content and its author have significant influence on reading book selection process. As for buying – price is considered to be the main determinant;
  • From different book types, fiction is the most demanded one;
  • Homes are considered to be most comfortable place to read, libraries are hardly visited by anybody, reading at work is also quite popular;
  • Consumers purchase most of the books in book stores;
  • Trend of purchasing books as presents is also vivid;
  • Georgian consumers do not use electronic books and prefer printed copies;
  • Most of surveyed respondents do not read books to their children;
  • Female respondents are reading books to their children more often than male participants, therefore they buy more children books;
  • The research has concluded, that urban settlers read/buy more books than rural settlers, therefore cities' annual budget spent on books exceeds villages' budget.

READING HABITS IN GEORGIA. Results of a survey on readership carried out in 2012.

Download in English

Here you can also download:
1. The whole Readership Study in Georgia by Experto Consulting & Marketing Research Company in English (Word | PDF) and in Georgian (Word | PDF). The study contains Readership Study Questionnaire, Frequency Tables, Cross-tab Tables and Correlation Tables as annexes.

of the study results:
  • by Georgi Kekalidze (general director of the National Library of the Parliament of Georgia) can be downloaded here in English (Word | PDF).
  • by Masho Samadashvili (literary journalist) available in English here (in Word | PDF).

This publication is developed under the Book platform project of Next Page Foundation. The Book Platform project is funded by the European Union and is implemented in the frames of the Eastern Partnership Culture Programme.

This publication has been produced with the assistance of the European Union. The contents of this publication are the sole responsibility of the authors and can in no way be taken to reflect the views of the European Union.


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