Public Discussion on Translations from Armenian

27.02.2013, Ереван, Армения
On the 27 Feb 2013 at the Naregatsy Art Institute the Book Platform project gathered Armenian writers, translators, cultural organizations, media and policy makers to openly discuss the outcomes of the project's studies on translations and their implications for the future policies on promotion of Armenian literature.

The debate was moderated by Karine Khodikyan, editor of the "Grakan Tert" newspaper, who talked about the importance of the conducted studies. Vahan Khachatryan of the National Publishers Association and a local manager of Book Platform for Armenia presented the summary of the studies results and recommendations prepared by the projects' international expert. Mr. Khachatryan suggested that the analysis should be studied more thoroughly and should be discussed with the relevant public bodies. Other panelists included Inesa Almoyan, advisor to the Minister of Culture of Armenia, Mkrtich Karapetyan, President of the National Publishers Association and director of Edit Print publishing house, Arevik Ashkharoyan, founder of the "1st Armenian Literary Agency" and Meruzhan Harutyunyan, translator and publicist.

The advisor to the Minister of Culture Inesa Almoyan said that the Ministry of Culture highly appreciates the activities of the National Publishers Association and the Book Platform project. She highlighted the importance of the studies, the analysis and the public debate. She also noted that the Ministry of Culture will pay special attention to the funding of Armenian literature in translation abroad. All panelists acknowledged the importance of the study and the published analysis in terms of contributing to the long term state policy of promoting Armenian culture abroad. They also expressed their hope that the studies' outcomes will be taken into consideration by public authorities.

The texts of the studies, summary and recommendations are available here in English and in Armenian.

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