Public Discussion on Translations into Armenian

10 July 2014, Yerevan
A public presentation and discussion on the results of the Study on Translations into Armenian 1991-2013 took place on July 10, 2014 at "Hay Girq" book store.The event gathered around 35 participants: writers, translators, media representatives, and others interested in the topic.

The study was done by Arqmenik Nikoghosyan and Ashot Gabrielyan within the framework of Book Platform Project. The researchers represented the study in short and then answered questions by the audience. Mr. Nikoghosyan talked about the main challenges in fulfilling the study, the main problems of the field discovered as a result of the study, and recommendations for improving the situation with translations into Armenian.

Some translators outlined the need of improving the working conditions for translators, the importance of knowing their own rights and being aware of copyright issues. In his speech at the end of the discussion Zaven Boyajyan, ALF Board Member and Book Platform Translations Committee member, mentioned that a cooperative work of the publishers in Armenia would help to define the priorities in publishing translations and creation of Literary Translators Association will ensure the protection of rights of the translators. It was also mentioned that the need of such studies is crucial, they reveal and outline important aspects of the field and open up possibilities for improvement.



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Public presentation and discussion on the results of the Study on Translations into Armenian
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