The roots of book publishing in Georgia go back to the 4th Century when Georgia's conversion to Christianity created demand for manuscripts in Georgian. These manuscripts were copied in monasteries across the country. Despite the fact that Georgian books were printed from the 17th Century onwards, manuscripts still constituted the largest fraction of Georgian literature until the beginning of the 19th Century. The first ever printed book was the Italian-Georgian Dictionary printed in Rome in 1629. After the Soviet occupation in 1921, book publishing was monopolized by the state and subjected to heavy censorship and control. Publishing regulations were governed by a special Committee and were obeyed by all publishing and printing houses. Today, there are around 92 regular publishers, 66 bookshops and up to 10 wholesalers in Georgia. Most of them regularly take part in Tbilisi Book Festival which is organized annually by the Georgian Publishers and Booksellers Association (GPBA). The number of independent publishing companies and new publications (2800 in year 2010) is gradually increasing; sales figures are also rising steadily.
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