Fair-Play and Collaboration in Armenia

The next workshop within the Book Platform project will take place on 14-15 January in Armenia. The workshop, entitled "Fair-Play and Collaboration: Intellectual property, working conditions and collaborative actions for writers and literary translators". American University of Armenia will host the event. The workshop is organized in the framework of the Book Platform Project, and is supported by the Eastern Partnership Culture Programme of the European Union.

Aim of the workshop:
  • to provide practical knowledge on the various aspects of the rights of writers and translators, ranging from ones related to legal and contractual issues (copyrights, remuneration) to social ones (freedom of speech, working conditions, visibility)
  • to provide a platform for discussion and exchange within Armenian literary and translators' community, and with colleagues from the European Union as well as to give examples of international practices
Ultimately, the workshop aims at empowering and motivating writers and translators for collective actions for improved relations with publishers, state and the wider audiences.

Armenian writers and literary translators, organizers of literary events, associations, clubs and festivals

Open only to registered participants. Accreditation:
coordinator Shushan Avagyan, shushan.avagyan@aua.am

Invited speakers, discussants and moderators:

  • Daniel Hahn (UK) − Director of British Center for Literary Translations, author, translator
  • Violet Grigoryan (Armenia) - writer, editor of Inknagir Literary Magazine
  • Marine Petrosyan (Armenia) - poet, publicist
  • Veken Berberian (Armenia) - novelist
  • Samvel Mkrtchyan (Armenia) - literary translators
  • Shushan Mkhitaryan (Armenia) – copyrights experts, Intellectual Property Agency
  • Armen Martirosyan (Armenia) – publisher
  • Zaven Boyajian (Armenia) - translator
  • Hasmik Galstyan (Armenia) - AUA Papazian Library
  • Mkrtich Matevosyan (Armenia) - Aktual Arvest
  • Siranush Dvoyan (Armenia) - Yev
  • Shushan Avagyan (Armenia) – professor at AUA and literary translator
  • Yana Genova (Bulgaria) – director of Next Page Foundation and general manager of Book Platform project


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